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"What I want is for each person I work with to ultimately feel truly confident, individual and very much themselves - as they had imagined they could be." - Toshiko Kobatake of Talking Image -

'How to Sell Yourself' Chrissy B Show (Sky 203)

Here is a snippet of Toshiko conducting an image consultation. Through her analysis, see how she can help you to bring out your assets, to boost your confidence and to be able to communicate correctly without having to verbally explain to people about yourself.

Total Image Consultation consists of four stages:

  • Personal Branding
  • Colour Analysis
  • Bodyline and Style Analysis
  • Wardrobe Personality

Personal Branding - defining the brand called You

Defining your personal brand is the first and most significant step in creating a distinct brand called YOU. You have your own values, aspirations and goals. Image consultants help their clients bring forth the core elements that define you. Your image is one form of communication. As Oscar Wilde once said, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken". Our job is to ensure that the very best version of You is externally reflected and clearly communicated, even if you don't say a word.

Colour Analysis - Tonal Method

This defines the colours that most enhance your natural colourings, i.e. your skin, hair and eyes. We use a method called the "Tonal Method" to distinguish which one of the 78 colour patterns you are. With the help of natural sunlight and over 120 coloured fabric drapes, we will find the colour tones that suit you best. This will help you choose the right colours and shades of colour for your clothes, and will also help when you select cosmetics, hair colour, nail varnish, accessories and even watches and glasses.

Bodyline and Style Analysis

Bone structure does not change whether we put on weight or lose it. When you begin to understand your unique bone and body structure, you will learn how to accentuate the positive, find clothes that suit your shape and learn how to create the silhouette that most appeals to you. In a way it's like having a fresh look at yourself. The results will surprise you. "Top to toe" styling tools will also be used for an immediate visual understanding of the type of cuts and lines that will compliment you.

Wardrobe Personality

This is an analysis to find out what tastes you have in clothes. Deep down, we all have preferences in what we wear, but due to busy lifestyle or being restriced to strict dress codes, we may have lost track of what we like or may have been compromising by wearing whatever will do. Our lifestyle and preference can also change over time, and we need to ensure that you wear what you like and coordinate the way that feels good for you. In this way, you will feel happier and more confident about how you look and the way you dress will speak louder than words about who you are.

Please note:

  • One-to-One Total Image Consultation takes three hours
  • The consultation is held in Wimbledon, walking distance from Wimbledon, South Wimbledon and Haydons Road station.
  • Women's consultations always include a make-up session using the right colours for you and the cost is included in the consultation
  • Colour swatches will be yours to take home and your personal profile report will be sent to you after the consultationTalking Image studio1. Click here for larger image
  • Two people can also take the consultation together. Take a look at the 'Tea for Two' image consultation below
  • For group sessions, please call Toshiko for details
  • The consultation can also be held at your requested location. Please call Toshiko for details

Here are the available services:

1) Luxury Course: Total Image Consultation (3 hours) Details as above.

2) Compact Course: Image Consultation & Wardrobe Planning (3 hours) This session is ideal if you have a reasonably small amount of clothes and would like to do both wardrobe planning and image consultation at your home. (Colour swatches, make up and written profiles are not included.)

3) 'Tea for Two' Image Consultation (6 hours) This package is dedicated to the pair of you; whether you are a mother and daughter, a wife and husband, partners, siblings or just great friends. You can take the consultation together or individually, it's purely up to you. It's always so fun and relaxing to share an experience with someone you care about. The great news is that you can also take advantage of the special price offered for this package, just for the two of you.

4) Personal Branding Session (1 hour) / Face-to-Face or on Zoom

5) Colour Analysis Session (1.5 hours)

6) Colour Analysis Session for Men (1 hour) This session does not include make up.

7) Style & Personal Branding Session (1.5 hours)

8) Image Review

Even if you have had an image consultation or wardrobe planning before, it is important that you review and update your image on a regular basis. To ensure that you maintain your current image, revamp it further or perhaps project a different look due to change of lifestyle or ideas, we will be at hand to achieve the look that you want. Find out what one of our lovely clients had to say.

9) 365 Plan

This plan is perfect for busy people like you who want to always look your best, but in reality, find that spending time for yourself comes last on your do list. This "All-Year-Round" plan ensures that you look and feel great, not just today or tomorrow, but any day, anytime, all year round in the most efficient and effective way.

The benefit of 365 Plan is that it takes you through an image consultation, wardrobe planning and seasonal personal shopping within a one-year period, allowing you flexibility to suit your schedule and is offered at a more attractive price. If you don't look after yourself, who will? We will guide you all the way.

365 Plan - Platinum (Luxury Course: Total Image Consultation + Wardrobe Planning + 2 x One-Day Personal Shopping)
365 Plan - Gold (Compact Course + 2 x One Day Personal Shopping)
365 Plan - Silver (Luxury Course: Total Image Consultation + Wardrobe Planning + 2 x Half-Day Personal Shopping)
365 Plan - Bronze (Compact Course + 2 x Half-Day Personal Shopping)

For booking appointments or enquiries, please contact Toshiko:

Image Consultation Options


1) Luxury Course: Total Image Consultation
2) Compact Course: Image Consultation& Wardrobe Planning
3) 'Tea for Two' Image Consultation
£650 (special price)
4) Personal Branding Session (Face-to-Face or Zoom )
5) Colour Analysis Session
6) Colour Analysis Session for Men
7) Style & Personal Branding Session
8) Image Review
£120 per hour
9) 365 Plan
365 Plan - Platinum
365 Plan - Gold
365 Plan - Silver
365 Plan - Bronze
* Prices for 365 Plan are quoted at the minimum rate and may vary depending on your shopping purchase. Personal Shopping fee is 10% of the total purchase OR minimum £250 for half day and £480 for one day.