Toshiko’s Tips

Toshiko's Tips

Here on this page, Toshiko would like to share with you some useful tips that can easily be implemented in your daily life.

Trainers and Baby Wipes

What is the correlation between trainers and baby wipes?

Now what is she going on about?... you may think. That's exactly what I thought at first, but once I found out about the effect it has, I was so thrilled, I couldn't stop telling everyone. So I'd like to share this with you too.

Everyone seems to be wearing  trainers these days. Trainers are not only trendy, they are super comfortable to wear. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why men and women, young and young at heart are wearing them. I wear them too. Once you realise how comfortable they are, you don't want to take them off.

The downside of trainers though, is that they can look scruffy. Particularly, the white rubber sole can easily get dirty and eventually turn grey.

Well, that's where baby wipes come in handy. I found out that they are not just for babies, they can work wonders for trainers too. You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy and effortlessly you can clean your trainers with baby wipes. They won't break the bank either.

Try it, you will not regret it!


Detox Your Body, Detox Your Wardrobe

 Looking good, I mean really good, can only be achieved when you look after yourself, both inside and out. I am not a super health-addict, but I try to keep fit and healthy as much as I can.

I'm sure many of you have already taken this on board in your daily routine, but I'd like to introduce you to my tasty and healthy smoothies that I often make in the mornings. I like the fact that they are fresh, delicious and it makes me feel good. It also has the detox effect so I can feel the difference in my skin; it gets smoother and radiant.

Let's look and feel good by sorting out your wardrobe too. Detoxing your wardrobe will make an immense different to your life. Wardrobe Planning

(Left: Green Smoothie) kale, spinach, cucumber, ginger, lemon, kiwi, honey, wheatgrass, flaxseed, water
(Middle: Purple Smoothie) blackberry, banana, yoghurt, ice
(Right: Red Smoothie) beetroot, ginger, orange

Cabbage Soup Diet that Burns Off a Few Pounds in One Week

"I wish I could lose a few pounds." (...but I haven't been able to for years.)

I often hear these words from my clients. If you need to lose a massive amount of weight, the best solution is to consult your doctor and go through a programme designed especially for you. I do not normally encourage any one to go on a diet, but if you have recently been eating or drinking more than you should, have not been working out enough and have been feeling sorry for yourself, then perhaps going on a diet and shedding a few pounds might help you to fit into the clothes that have recently started to feel tight and you might start to feel happier about yourself.

I'd like to introduce you to this one-week diet; Cabbage Soup Diet. This fat-burning diet was created by a surgeon to encourage his patients to lose weight before going under surgery. This diet became popular awhile ago, and I have tried it out myself. I wasn't particularly overweight but in one week, I lost four kilos. I noticed that my skin became smoother too. My experience was published in a medical magazine 'Soukai' in Japan.

Cabbage soup articleThis diet still works brilliantly. What I like about this diet is:

It only lasts for one week (you must not continue any longer. You will need to leave a break if you wish to repeat.)

All the ingredients can easily be found in supermarkets

The more soup you have, the more weight you lose

The soup tastes good, similar to minestrone

You get to eat meat from the fifth day

You start to appreciate the taste and goodness of good food

I have seen many people go through this diet and found that in average, they lost three to five kilos (seven to 11 pounds) in one week. I also found that those that did not improve their lifestyle, by continuing to eat and drink excessively with very little exercise, they put on the weight that they lost or even more. If you are interested in this detox diet, here is the recipe and details of this one-week programme:


1/2 of cabbage
1 pepper
3 large onions
1/2 celery
1 chicken cube (or OXO)
1 can of tomatoes (400g, diced or whole)

How to Prepare

1. Wash and cut all of the above ingredients into bite size pieces
2. Put them all in a large pot, add chicken cube and fill water enough to cover the ingredients
3. Boil, stir occasionally and add water when required
4. Add salt and pepper, curry powder or chili sauce to suit your taste

The Seven-Day Programme

This diet lasts for one week. During this period, you can enjoy the soup as much as you like. In addition to this soup, you eat what is designated for each day of the week. Do not use butter or oil during this seven-day programme.

Day 1: Soup & FRUIT. You can enjoy as much fruit as you like. 100% fruit juice can also be taken.
Day 2: Soup & VEGETABLES. You can enjoy as much vegetables as you like, raw or cooked.
Day 3: Soup, FRUIT & VEGETABLES. You can have as much soup, fruit and vegetables as you like.
Day 4: Soup & BANANAS. You can have up to three bananas. You can also drink skimmed milk and drink as much water as you can.
Day 5: Soup, MEAT & TOMATOES. You can eat up to 700g of red meat or chicken. You can also have up to six tomatoes.
Day 6: Soup & STEAK. You can eat up to three pieces of 150g beef.
Day 7: Soup and BROWN RICE, VEGETABLES & FRUIT JUICE. You can eat as much brown rice as you like. You can also have vegetable and fruit juice.

Good luck and enjoy!

How Toshiko Got Started & All About Image Consultancy and Other Services

Colourful RadioColourful Radio Colourful Radio

Colourful Radio
11 March 2015

Toshiko was invited to Colourful Radio for a live interview on Advice Surgery with presenter, Sonia Poleon. What a lovely and friendly team of people they were!
0:00 Introduction
1:25 How did you get into image consulting?
3:45 What is image consulting?
4:40 Why should we use image consultants?
7:15 What is colour analysis?
12:30 Does black make you look slim?
13:40 What is wardrobe planning?
18:15 What advise would you give to somebody who can't afford to get an image consultant?
20:55 Do you have to be a celebrity or have untold disposable income to get advice from an image consultant?
21:30 What is contemporary English manners?
25:30 What tips would you give to somebody who wants to start a career as an image consultant?
26:00 What do you do to 'practice' personal shopping? (on the image consultancy training course)

Men with Grey Hair

David Cameron Grey Hair

BBC logo  

Following the article in The Telegraph with a photo snap of David Cameron showing grey hair, Toshiko was interviewed by BBC West Midlands and BBC Radio Stoke about men with grey hair. Click on the audio clip above to hear Toshiko's radio interview with BBC West Midlands.
Telegraph logo article: Snap of David Cameron shows a grey man is back at No 10

The Importance of "Appearance" at a Job Interview

Job Interview

Toshiko talked about the importance of "Appearance" at a job interview and how projecting the right image can get you the job that you longed for. She was joined by Katie Ledger, a communications coach and TV presenter for BBC Click, who has spent 12 years working as a news presenter for Five News, ITN and the BBC.


What Watches to Wear in the Corporate World

What Watches to Wear

Toshiko gave some insight for professionals on what watches to opt for in the corporate world.
Interviewed by Gerard Heneghan of Adfero.
Watches 'Should Suit Business Attire'
Consider Size 'When Choosing Business Watches'
Watch Brand Most Desired on Cyber Monday
Choose Watches to Suit Your Workplace
Wristwatches can Give the Professional Edge

How the Wrong Shoes can Finish You

Men's shoesToshiko gave advice on the importance of appearance in job interviews in financial services, and the different aspects of image men and women need to focus on.
Interviewed by Madison Marriage of Ignites Europe, a Financial Times Service.
How the Wrong Shoes Can Finish You



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