Toshiko’s Book was Featured in Magazine “Da Vinci”

An editorial about my Japanese book “The Magic of Illusion – How to Make Women Look Gorgeous” was featured in “Da Vinci”, a magazine specialising in books and manga comics.

The writer, Minami Asato, starts off by wondering when it was that she started to feel scared of looking at herself in the mirror. Round tummy, big bum, short thick legs. With age, she can detect more defects about her body and finds it difficult to come across clothes that really fit her well. She wants to find clothes that cover the areas she doesn’t like but she struggles to get it right.

I’m sure most of us women share her feelings one way or another.

She concludes by saying that after reading my book, it made her feel perhaps it’s ok to feel more confident about herself. Our bone structure has both good and not so good characteristics. By following what is written in this book, she has decided from now on, to coordinate the way she dresses in a way that would bring out her assets.

So pleased that my book has helped her to feel good about herself and to cherish her Wow!! factor.

The full editorial in Japanese can be found here.

I hope to one day be able to publish this book in English and other languages so that I can share the magic with you. If you know anyone who can help me publish, do let me know!

For now, here is the link to my Japanese book that was published in June 2020 from Bungei Shunju, one of the leading publishing companies in Japan.

“The Magic of Illusion – How to Make Women Look Gorgeous” by Toshiko Kobatake Tate
Publisher: Bungei Shungu




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