Wardrobe Planning

wardrobe planning

What do you find yourself saying when you stand in front of the wardrobe each day?

- I've bought all these clothes and yet I don't have anything to wear!
- I haven't worn these for years.
- There's too much stuff - I don't exactly know what I have in my wardrobe.
- I feel like I'm always wearing the same things over and over again.

"Detox your Wardrobe."

Wardrobe Planning is a service where you get a personal home visit from Toshiko to help you to plan your wardrobe. She will help you see at a glance "what you have and what you don't": she will also show you how to wear your clothes in various combinations. It will save you time and money, and help you avoid shopping for the wrong clothes or buying more of the same!

Clearing out your wardrobe by putting aside or getting rid of clothes you no longer wear can create much-needed space. In other words, Toshiko will detox your wardrobe.

Decluttering your wardrobe may seem like a simple procedure but you will be surprised how effective it can be. It can even declutter your life.

Please note:
Wardrobe planning works best after an Image Consultation.

Even if you have already done the wardrobe planning, remember to get an annual check-up with an 'Image Review' to ensure you look your best all the time.

Wardrobe Planning (3 hours)
Compact Course (3 hours)

For booking appointments or enquiries, please contact Toshiko:
Email toshiko@talkingimage.co.uk