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Welcome to London Face Yoga

We present ourselves every day in different environments; at work, home and the general public. How you carry yourself and what you wear matters. They shape people’s perceptions, including our own, and should reflect your unique personality. Equally, your face plays a big part in your image and should not be ignored.

At Talking Image, we understand the importance of taking a holistic and natural approach to bring out the best version of yourself. It is a powerful way to build the foundation to self-love and confidence that will last you a life time.

Remember that the face and neck are usually exposed. If you let gravity take control of your face and neck or if you rely solely on external intervention, eventually the can have a damaging knock-on effect on how you look and feel.

For you to look as fabulous as you truly are, Talking Image incorporates Face Yoga to enhance your facial appearance. This method is the most natural way to turn the clock back and to take control of your face.

Whether you are looking to:

  • tone your face
  • reduce wrinkles
  • create facial symmetry
  • recover from any health issues

Or if you want to:

  • stay away or stop relying on surgical procedures, such as Botox and injections
  • avoid expensive creams that may or may not work

This is for you.

There are over 40 muscles in your face. By exercising those muscles, just like you would your body, you will be amazed how a few minutes of exercise a day can change your face and life.

Whatever age, gender or lifestyle, Face Yoga is for everyone.

The Power of Face Yoga

Embarrassingly, the top photo was me, Toshiko, before I started Face Yoga. I was unhappy with the two lines between my eyebrows. They were getting deeper and noticeable.

I couldn't believe how a mere few minutes of Face Yoga a day could reduce my lines between my eyebrows.

The after picture below was taken less than a week after I started my Face Yoga exercises. This was a revolution for me and the beginning of believing in the power of Face Yoga.


Stanislava, as beautiful as she is, was not happy with her smile. She wore braces for a while, which successfully aligned her teeth. However, it did not solve her asymmetrical smile.

With Face Yoga, she regained symmetry to her face and a beautiful, natural smile. Having seen the power of Face Yoga herself, she took it further and has now become a certified Face Yoga Method teacher in Luxembourg.

Instagram: Face Yoga’s Secret Luxembourg


This lovely gentleman underwent health issues. With Irina, a Face Yoga teacher in Sweden, he has been working very hard and as you can see, there is obviously a drastic improvement to his appearance. His speech has improved, eating has become much easier and Face Yoga has helped to regain his confidence and a positive outlook.

Instagram: Facefullness Irina




About London Face Yoga

London Face Yoga is a service available at Talking Image, a London-based image consultancy founded and managed by Toshiko Kobatake, originally from Japan.

Toshiko believes that we can all naturally bring out the beauty in ourselves. Your image is the ambassador of who you are and multiple factors, including your face form it. By exercising your face muscles, she has found that your appearance and confidence improves. This is because you are totally in control of yourself, without having to rely on anyone or anything else.

As an image consultant, Toshiko recognised the benefits that face yoga can bring. She trained with globally renowned Fumiko Takatsu, the creator of the Face Yoga Method, and is now a certified Face Yoga Method teacher.

Awareness is the key to achieving a toned, radiant and symmetrical face. Being conscious of which muscles you are using or not is important. By doing so, you can exercise these face muscles. It is equally important to bring awareness to your daily habits, diet, skincare and body alignment. This can be achieved in a simple, fun way.

"London Face Yoga" combines shiatsu massage and lymphatic drainage in the exercises. Toshiko runs private and group lessons and her classes are held both face-to-face and online so it doesn't matter where you are in the world.

Let's have fun making funny faces in a way that will help to tone your face muscles. You will look good, feel great and regain confidence in you and your appearance. When you achieve this, it brings more happiness to you and those around you.


London Face Yoga under Talking Image, Toshiko Kobatake

For booking appointments or enquiries, please contact Toshiko:
Email toshiko@talkingimage.co.uk