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Watch imageToshiko gave some insight for professionals on what watches to opt for in the corporate world.
Interviewed by Gerard Heneghan of Adfero. 

Chapelle Jewellery 4 November 2011
Watches 'should suit business attire'

Watches are an ideal accessory for any occasion, but can come in particularly handy when at work.

According to Toshiko Kobatake, managing director of, it is important to select a product that suits the business's image when wearing the accessory for corporate occasions.

This is because the business world is divided up into numerous sectors, so depending on which one the particularly company belongs to, people might like to change their choice of timepiece.

"In the City and for those working in finance or law, it would be safe to wear a watch with a metallic band - silver, white gold, platinum or gold - or black leather," Ms Kobatake notes.

It does not necessarily have to be a particularly high-end brand, such as Rolex, Cartier or Omega, but it is a good idea to avoid "bling" and keep the overall impression subtle.

One move that the expert suggests could work well is to reflect a particular client when aiming to impress them.

For example, if somebody is heading to a meeting with Disney, they might like to wear a Mickey Mouse watch to show awareness of the link, but this should not be overly comical.

Those who have the greatest amount of choice when selecting a watch are employees working in the fashion and creative sector.
"Depending on the company's brand, individuality and creativity may be required among the staff, so adding colour and uniqueness may be favoured," Ms Kobatake states.

Finally, individuals in the sports sector could wear diver's watches or waterproof plastic band timepieces that promote the business and reflect that particular industry.

One individual who likes to make a statement with watches is Victoria Beckham, who is often seen donning a large gold timepiece that is rather masculine in style and she tends to wear it with minimal accessories.

Watch Shop November 2011
Consider Size 'When Buying Business Watches'

Getting the size of a watch right is important to look well turned out for work

Picking out a stylish new watch to wear for work can be a great way of smartening up an outfit.

With such a huge selection of timepieces on offer, there really is the perfect design to suit anyone, regardless of their age, personal taste or profession.

Although some people like to get a watch which will show off their success by picking an expensive designer brand, they should also make sure they take care over the style of watch they choose.

Toshiko Kobatake, managing director of, advised that when picking a watch for day to day wear in the office, finding one that will be a good size and fit is vital.
"Make sure that the scale of the watch is in proportion to your whole body and wrist. You don't want the watch to look too big or too tiny for you," she recommended.

However, when picking out the perfect watch, details to be considered are not limited to just the size of the face.

Thinking about the type of metal that will best complement the skin tone is another important consideration.

The horologist explained that metallics are spilt into the categories of being either white or yellow, with the colours looking completely different on some people, depending on their colouring.

For those who would prefer to keep things simple and opt for a leather watch band, making sure that it stays in good condition is an important consideration for them

As leather can wear over time, it is important to have it replaced if it starts to look a bit battered, with Ms Kobatake stating that "grooming is important".

The expert also recently advised workers to look for an unusual or colourful watch if they are in a creative industry, but told those in more traditional professions to look out for classic styles.

Watch Shop November 2011
Watch Brand 'Most Desired on Cyber Monday'

A watch brand was named as the most desirable timepiece among Facebook users lanning to make purchases online as part of Cyber Monday

A watch company was announced to be the most desirable manufacturer of timepieces in a study of shoppers on Facebook.

Research carried out by found that among the site's fans on Facebook, Invicta watches came out top.

Of all the products the brand creates, the I by Invicta watch was named the one which most people were looking for.

As a result, the company responded by putting the watches on offer during its Cyber Monday sale.

It was not the only brand to have seen demand from the site's customers, as other products which performed well in the Facebook poll were manufactured by Tag Heuer, Seiko and Breitling, as well as a range of other top Swiss designer brands.

People planning to buy a watch to wear for work were recently advised by Toshiko Kobatake, managing director of, to find a model which fits in with the type of profession they are in.

Watch Shop November 2011
Choose Watches 'To Suit Your Workplace'

The style and design of watch that you choose to wear for work should take into consideration the type of profession that you work in
People looking for a new watch to wear for work could feel they are overwhelmed by the number of different options that are available to them.
While some watches are sleek and classic, others are huge and covered in elaborate designs.

There are also a wide number of sports watches on the market, which may appeal to some in their leisure time but may not be completely appropriate for their workplace.

In order to find the right watch for the office, Toshiko Kobatake, managing director of, explained that one good way to decide on the right watch to wear is to look out for products which will fit in with your line of work.

She explained that people working in the City or in finance or law should think conservatively when they are picking out a new watch.

"It would be safe to wear a watch with a metallic band - silver, white gold, platinum or gold, or black leather. The watch does not have to be Rolex, Cartier or Omega, but keep it tasteful, subtle and avoid bling," Ms Kobatake said.

However, people who work in the fashion or creative sector could try something a little more interesting.

She said that depending on the corporate brand, it could be that individuality and creativity is actively encouraged among members of staff.

In this case, it is a good idea to look out for something which will provide a touch of colour or a feeling of uniqueness to an outfit.

Finding watches to complete an outfit is also a modern option for many people planning to purchase a timepiece, with Pam Mortensen, general merchandise manager of fine jewellery for JC Penney, recently stating that watches have become one of the hottest forms of accessory.

Watch Shop November 2011
Wristwatches 'Can Give the ProfessionalEdge'

Wearing a wristwatch can help wearers to get the edge on their competitors as the timepieces give out subtle hints about the mindset of the wearer.
Workers looking to get the edge over their colleagues at work could find that in order to be noticed it might not just be down to how they perform or behave in the office.

Image is often as important in succeeding as working hard is and one way to show that you are dedicated to your profession and can work to schedule could be to wear a watch.

While mobile phones can be used now to tell the time and come equipped with plenty of additional features, ranging from stopwatches to alarms, they are no competitor to the wristwatch, according to Aaron Marino, founder of

There used to be a lot of pride associated with wearing a watch, with items being passed down within families, something that does not happen with modern devices.

Mr Marino explained that despite all the fancy features found on a mobile, they will not give their owners the professional edge in the same way a watch will.

The image expert explained that watches have a psychological effect on others and could leave those without a timepiece appearing "ill equipped".
Noting that it is a very competitive world out there, Mr Marino explained that he thinks people should do whatever they can in order to gain the advantage, with the step being as small as getting a new watch.

"Wearing a wristwatch sends a subconscious message to others that you are a force to be reckoned with," the expert stated.
He added that wearing a watch gives a clear signal that the wearer is aware of what the time is, both literally and figuratively.

To get the right watch for the workplace, Toshiko Kobatake, managing director of, recently advised finding one that is in proportion to your body size, as anything too big or small may not have the desired effect.


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