Royal Ascot Orientation Online Course

Welcome to the Royal Ascot Orientation Online Course!

This online course was put together for Royal Ascot Package participants but it is also highly recommended for people:

-Who want to participate in the future
-Those who think they know the English manners and dress codes, but aren’t really 100% confident
-Feel a bit embarrassed to ask any one so you would rather prefer to learn and confirm your knowledge on your own without having to tell the world about it.

If you are equipped with the basic English manners and the knowledge to be able to attend the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot, then you can be any where in the world and interact with any one with confidence and composure.

And most of all, if you have the basic knowledge of the English manners, whatever you do, wherever you are, you won’t have to feel nervous. You can just be yourself and be able to enjoy this memorable day at the Royal Ascot.

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This Royal Ascot Orientation Online course will cover the following modules and at the end, there will be a quiz.

  • Module 0 Welcome
  • Module 1 History of Royal Ascot
  • Module 2 What to Expect During the Two Days
  • Module 3 The Importance of Contemporary English Manners
  • Module 4 Dress Code for Royal Enclosure
  • Module 5 Contemporary English Table Manners
  • Module 6 English Social Manners
  • Module 7 How to Place a Bet
  • Module 8 Colloquial British English
  • Quiz

When you have answered more than 80% of the questions correctly, a certificate will be issued for you.

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