Belinda’s Testimonials

Belinda’s Testimonials(Business Consultant/Executive, Female, 40s, Style and Personal Branding Session)

Hi Toshiko, I had a wonderful time with Belinda! I learnt a lot and have much to reflect on. She was absolutely lovely and conducted the session in such a way that I really 'got' what she was talking about, so I can actually do something different - she was so skilled and caring in the way she engaged with me that it made the whole thing most enjoyable as well as productive and there is already a new me emerging! So, 12 out of 10 as far as I am concerned.

(Teacher, Female from Norway, 60s, Image Consultation)

Hi Toshiko, I enjoyed the session with Belinda very much. She was very thorough and explained a lot of things to me which I wasn't aware of. I feel that I now know how I should dress in order to create the best impact, and most important, how to dress so that I can feel confident. Thank you.

(Restaurant Owner, A Couple from Poland, 30s, Image Consultation & Personal Shopping)

Dear Toshiko, Belinda was great! She was very understanding and we had a great time. My wife is radiant and everyone has noticed her changes already. I am actually waiting for her, as she has changed her hairstyle and I can't wait to see her. We will definitely want to be in contact with Belinda when we next visit London.

(Investment Banker London, Male, 30s, Compact Course & Personal Shopping)

Just a note to thank Belinda for her help recently. I look much better and feel more confident in almost every situation; getting her to help me has been an excellent investment. I would not hesitate to recommend her to a friend or colleague who needs some confidence and/or advice on the style front.

(Director of Major Telecoms Company, Male, 60s, Compact Course)

Hello Toshiko. I found the session with Belinda very useful. She was very pleasant and professional and took a lot of care to ensure I could see and understand what looked good and what didn't. I really learned a lot and am confident I'll be able to put it into practice.

(Investment Adviser, Male, 30s, Image Consultation + Personal Shopping)

I enormously enjoyed the day and I cannot thank you enough for the excellent advice and help which you gave me! I am absolutely delighted with every item which I bought when we met. The Prada shoes are fantastic and the various shirts are all great choices. I have completely changed the way I think about these things and the change is very much for the better! All the best in the mean time and once again, thank you so much for your help!

(Investment Banker, Male, 40s, Image Consultation + Personal Shopping)

I have now worn all of the items. They look great, all of them, even the jacket we picked at the end, so bravo and thanks. I am still working on the watch...can't quite make a selection.

(Usability Manager, Female, 30s, Compact Course + Personal Shopping)

Hi Toshiko. Belinda was fantastic! She really understood what I was trying to achieve-in terms of what I needed and my 'brand'.We did a shopping day yesterday and she really ensured we made the most of the day (she's been compiling things the day before).


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