“Crystal Clear English” 90-Day Course has Launched

You know you can speak English.
You’ve studied English, so you can read and write it too.

The problem is, people can’t clearly understand what you’re saying.

Perhaps English is not your native language.
Maybe you are not pronouncing the words or phrases in the way that everyone can understand.

If your message does not come across “crystal clear”, you are not only making an impact, you could seriously be missing out on opportunities, both socially and professionally.

In the worse case, because it’s difficult to make out what you are saying, you are not being heard and people may not be taking you seriously, even if what you’re talking about could be extremely interesting, very intellectual or super hilarious.

People don’t get it.

Well, things are about to change now because we are here to help you out of your misery.

I am thrilled to announce the launch of “Crystal Clear English”.

Talking Image has teamed up with Susie Johns & Christopher Barr, two experts in voice production, body language and confidence building, to offer a 90-Day course that will transform the clarity, fluency and impact of your spoken English.

As an experienced image consultant in London, helping clients from around the world, I cannot stress enough that how you speak, for better or worse, can also influence your image and in effect, your life.

Watch how Susie & Christopher transform my American/Japanese English accent to contemporary neutral British English. You can follow my 90-day journey in seven video clips. This video above ↑ is the first clip.

Click here for the full information about Crystal Clear English course.

You can also watch the video clips on the Talking Image youTube page.

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