Crystal Clear English course – Coming Soon

We have been working on a project for awhile and I am so excited to inform you that our new course “Crystal Clear English” is soon to be launched.

Talking Image has collaborated with two experts in voice production and performance where you will have the opportunity to transform the fluency, character and impact of your voice. By achieving this, you will have the confidence and enjoyment of speaking crystal clear English that will take you beyond boundaries.

This is a 90-day English course using a combination of Skype (or FaceTime, WhatsApp) and audio recordings so it will flexibly fit into your busy schedule, anytime, anywhere.

Your image, particularly when it comes to first impressions, is formed by more than 50% visual, nearly 40% aural and the contents of what you speak accounts for less than 10%. Your appearance plays an important role but that alone will not establish the self-image that you want to have.

It is said that people can often figure out your background, education and personality, just by listening to how you speak. If you are not able to speak clearly, the listener will get tired and eventually lose interest in what you are saying. No matter how stunning you look, your image will go down the drain. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

And when we learn something, we want to learn from the best, full of experience and have some fun along the way. Well, that’s exactly what you will get from Susie and Christopher!

Watch this space.

Crystal Clear English Tutors:

Susie Johns and Christopher Barr

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