Introducing Our New Service, Solely to Define Your ‘Personal Brand’

Have you heard of ‘Personal Branding’? It is a brand called ‘YOU’. Defining your personal brand is the first and most significant step in creating a distinct brand called YOU. Even if you are wearing the right colour tones or clothes that fit you, if they are not in line with your personal brand, you are giving out the wrong message. That is why, at Talking Image, we place a strong emphasis in identifying a strong personal brand that YOU choose to have, whether we are conducting image consultation, wardrobe planning or personal shopping.

We are happy to announce a new session that we have introduced called ‘Personal Branding’. This session solely concentrates on defining your personal brand. This one-hour session can be conducted face-to-face or on Skype. If you wish to take an image consultation at a later date, the duration and fee will be adjusted accordingly.

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