Royal Ascot Open Day in Tokyo

We attended the Royal Ascot again this year with guests from Japan. As expected, we spent a fabulous day, a memory that will be treasured for the rest of their lives.

We will be holding an Open Day in Tokyo on 21 July, for those who would like to join us next year for a splendid British experience at the most exclusive Royal Enclosure. This Open Day will be held in Japanese, but English speakers are also very welcome to join us at the Royal Ascot in June next year. Find out more about our Royal Ascot Package.

  • I’d love to have a taste of what Eliza experienced in the musical “My Fair Lady”
  • It would be a privilege to see the Queen and the Royal family in front of our eyes
  • I want to attend one of the most celebrated British “Seasons”, experience the British tradition and not stay as a bystander but mingle and enjoy the fun and excitement with the well-mannered and cheeky British people
  • I want to enjoy the fashion and the great dining
  • I love horses and racing
  • and more

If you fit into any of the above, this Royal Ascot package is for you!

If you are visiting from abroad, in addition to attending the Royal Ascot, there are other optional experiences available for you; such as taking an image consultation, personal shopping, Goodwood Festival of Speed, walking, visiting the countryside, museums or taking lessons in British pronunciation.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact Toshiko.


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