Tazeen’s Testimonials

Tazeen Testimonials(International Accountancy Firm, Corporate Presentation)

Dear Toshiko and Tazeen, Thank you again for your swift actions in arranging for Tazeen to speak at our staff meeting and at such short notice. Tazeen’s presentation was great. The subject of dress and image can be a sensitive subject, Tazeen’s presentation has raised debate amongst colleagues, which is a positive step forwards. Many thanks.

(Journalist, Female based in the Middle East, 30s, Styling and Branding Consultation)

I wanted an image consultation to move my career up to the next level, my consultation with Tazeen did exactly that. Her open and supportive nature made me relax and her advice was fantastic and focused. She gave a clear idea of the personal image brand I needed to project and how to go about doing it. After the consultation, I had a job interview for a TV reporter with a big New York broadcaster. Tazeen's styling advice not only helped me dress on interview day but gave me the extra confidence I needed and I landed the job. Thanks again Taz for your superb advice.

(International Strategic Consulting CEO, Male, 50s, Image Consultation & Wardrobe Planning, feedback from his wife)

Hi - Taz was great and it was a very valuable session for my husband. He has already replaced his watch and I've created a great pile of clothes to be sent to Oxfam. He is joining me in Florida for a week, and we're going to take his color swatches and see what is for sale here. I may also follow up with Taz if he can't find what he wants here. Thanks again.

(International Strategic Consulting CEO, Male, 50s, Personal Shopping, feedback from his wife)

Hi Toshiko - it was great working with Taz and I'm sure we'll be using her again in the future.


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